Blueinfinitas is now in liquidation.

Blueinfinitas is no longer authorised to provide regulated products and services. If you invested your pension funds with them and lost money as a result, you may be due compensation.

Blueinfinitas (occasionally written as Blue Infinitas) gave advice on transferring pensions into unregulated, high-risk SIPPs. One case involved Blueinfinitas who gave the advice to transfer £64,000 into a SIPP, investing £33,000 in an unregulated property investment called Windermere Hydro Hotel.  Another case saw £57,000 transferred into a SIPP and £29,000 invested in an unregulated property fund. Both cases were upheld by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Company Information:

BlueInfinitas Limited was based at 23 Pure Offices, Pastures Avenue, St Georges, Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, BS22 7SB, United Kingdom.

Their Companies House number is 8780061.

They were authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 610774 but as from 11 January 2016 they were no longer authorised to provide regulated products and services.

Blueinfinitas also traded as Dominic James Barry.

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