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Pension Justice Are Specialists in Obtaining Compensation For Pension Mis-selling.

We are passionate about obtaining pension redress for our clients.  To find out if you’ve been a victim of pension or financial mis-selling and could be due compensation, please click on one of the links below to find out more.

Transfer From A Workplace Pension Scheme

Many people, whose final pension would normally depend upon the numbers of years’ service and their final salary, have been wrongly advised to transfer out into what is known as Money Purchase Scheme.

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transfer from a workplace pension scheme

Transfer To A Self-invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Self-invested Pension Schemes, otherwise known as SIPPs, were introduced to fill a small gap in the market where a small number of pension investors wanted more control over their pension investments.

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transfer to a sipp

Non-Standard Investments & SIPPs

Non-standard investments are often put into SIPPs to generate huge commissions through the back door of financial firms. Call us if you are worried about an investment inside your pension.

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non standard investments sipps

Annuity Mis-selling

Previously, a person going into retirement was obliged to hand over their pension fund to a Life Insurance company in return for an income for life. This was called an annuity. Recently the Government changed the rules and now it is no longer necessary to buy an annuity.

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annuity mis selling


All pension companies charge for their services. However, these can vary dramatically from company to company. We have discovered a number of companies and advisers who charge on-going commission on your pension even though you may not have seen your adviser since you started saving.



FSAVCs or free standing additional voluntary contributions are like a private pension bolted on to your existing occupational pension. In many cases, the best advice would be top up your scheme with in-house AVCs that have lower charges. If you have an FSAVC and would like some advice, contact us today.

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