Ethical Forestry Investment Compensation Claims

Thousands of UK pension savers invested in the Ethical Forestry scheme in a bid to grow their pension. However, the Bournemouth-based investment provider went into liquidation in 2015, leaving countless UK pension savers unable to access money that they’d spent decades saving for retirement.

We’ve seen countless cases where people have moved their retirement savings from a traditional workplace pension to an Ethical Forestry SIPP only to discover further down the line that, not only was this was not the right move for them, it would rob them of their hard-earned cash.

From losing a substantial percentage of their pension savings to having their nest egg depleted completely, we hate to see hardworking people fall victim to mis-sold pensions, poorly managed investments, and scams designed to rob people of their life savings.

For this reason, here at Pension Justice we’re doing everything we can to obtain proper compensation for those clients who’ve spent years saving for retirement only to be taken advantage of by unethical IFAs and schemes run by corrupt investment managers.

If you’ve invested money in Ethical Forestry, please get in touch with the team at Pension Justice.