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Get up to £430,000 Compensation for your Mis-Sold Pension with Proper No-Win-No-Fee Legal Advice from a Real Solicitor

Get up to £430,000 Compensation for your Mis-Sold Pension with Proper No-Win-No-Fee Legal Advice from a Real Solicitor*

The quick and hassle-free way to recover retirement savings you’ve lost due to bad pension advice.

Around 33% of UK pensions have been mis-sold. Is yours one of them?

If so, we can help you claim compensation and put your retirement plans and benefits back on track.

To check your eligibility, all you need to do is answer four simple questions on our no-obligation enquiry form.

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Mr Andrew Howard Was Mis-Sold His Pension and Won Back Full Compensation

"Pension Justice does exactly what it says on the tin, gets justice for those mis-sold pension if you have doubts about claiming, don’t. This company supports you all the way with good communication via emails, letters, phone. I was unknowingly mis-sold in 2008 and unsure if I could claim, however the team at Pension Justice recovered a full compensation of which I am grateful. Many thanks. "

Are you eligible to claim?

Do you think you've been mis-sold a pension?

There are various types of pension mis-selling that have taken place over the last few years and which could give rise to a claim for compensation, even if the Financial Advisor who sold the pension to you is no longer trading.

Examples of pension mis-selling range from unauthorised funds sold within a self-invested personal pension to being advised to transfer away from a final salary scheme. In providing pension advice, your pension advisor has strict codes of practice to follow to avoid a mis-sold pension. If any of the following occurred, you may have a mis-sold pension claim:

  • Did you transfer a pension into a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension plan)?
  • Have you invested in non-standard assets, e.g. carbon credits, storage pods, green oil, car park schemes, overseas property, ethical forestry etc?
  • Were you in a company pension scheme but advised to take out a personal pension, when existing company schemes would have yielded better results?
  • Did you feel pressured into taking out the new pension without having an opportunity to shop around for a potentially better deal?

Your case will be carefully assessed to determine the likelihood of a successful claim, and then we will choose the best route for you, be that through the courts, Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), Pensions Ombudsman, or negotiation.

Our expert pension litigation solicitors have extensive experience in pursuing mis-selling compensation claims and settling pension disputes. We are fully committed to achieving the best outcome for you.

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    Mr George Fowler was mis-sold his pension and received £50,000.00

    “I would advise anyone who feels that they have been given bad advice regarding their pension investments to contact Pension Justice to work on their behalf. From my initial enquiry, until the successful conclusion 8 months’ later, Pension Justice dealt with everything regarding my compensation claim, keeping me informed at every stage. I am very, very pleased with Pension Justice and the first rate service they provided.”

    Mis-Sold Pension Claims Specialists

    Pension mis-selling has been featured on the national news in the last few months

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    Types of Mis-Sold Pension Claims

    Here at Pension Justice, we have a wealth of experience in helping clients around the UK to make a claim related to their mis-sold pension. Having represented many different mis-sold pension claim types, we can help individuals and families across the country to deal with a range of different pension mis-selling and other financial situations.

    When it comes to the circumstances around a mis-sold pension, each pension mis-selling scenario brings its own set of legal and financial considerations, so you should make it a priority to speak to a pension expert as soon as you can.

    Here at Pension Justice, our helpful and knowledgeable team of pension mis-selling experts will be happy to:

    • explore the details of your pension mis-selling claim and advise you on the legal steps to take for your claim
    • keep you informed on the nature of your claim status throughout the mis-sold pension claim process
    • handle any of the complex and time-consuming paperwork, saving you a great deal of time and effort

    We offer our mis-sold pension claim services on No Win No Fee terms, protecting your financial interests. For more details on mis-sold pensions, including mis-sold pension compensation, get in touch with our team today, while to read more information about some of the specific claim areas our team can handle, you can click on the links below.

    Millions of people throughout the UK could be affected

    At least 1.3 million people claim they were mis-sold a pension, in a recent Financial Conduct Authority study.

    Don’t delay. Check your eligibility today.

    Find Out How Much You Can Claim

    If you used any of these companies, you may be eligible for a mis-sold pension claim

    Rowanmoor Personal Pensions Limited
    Hartley Pensions Limited
    Corporate & Professional Pensions Limited
    Liberty SIPP
    Brooklands SIPP
    GPC SIPP Limited (Guardian)
    Pointon York Limited
    Guinness Mahon
    Greyfriars SIPP
    Total Wealth Solutions Limited
    Kingsland Financial Management
    Aspen Financial Planning
    Luapkram Limited (Ashton Hoyle)
    Cherish Wealth Management
    Shah Wealth Management
    Douglas Baillie Limited
    Henderson Carter Associates Limited
    Cumulus Investment Management Limited
    Baker Wainwright
    Knightsbridge Financial Management
    Real SIPP
    Asquith Hart Financial Management LLP
    Alderley Asset Management Limited
    Financial Page Limited
    Choices Financial Services Limited
    Moneywise Financial Advisors Limited
    Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration Limited

    Millions of people throughout the UK could be affected

    At least 1.3 million people claim they were mis-sold a pension, in a recent Financial Conduct Authority study.

    Were you one of them? Download our free guide to find out.

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    *The Financial Conduct Authority has confirmed that the maximum award that may be made by the Financial Ombudsman Service will be increased from 1 April 2024 to the sum of £430,000 for complaints referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service on or after 1 April 2024 about acts or omissions by firms on or after 1 April 2019.