, £427,743.00 Plus Recovered for Our  Clients in January 2021, Pension Justice

We are very pleased to announce that in January 2021 we had another extremely successful month in recovering compensation for many of our clients who were victims of the current pension mis-selling scandal.

For the month of January 2021 we recovered a massive amount of £427,743.00 for our clients who were wrongly advised to transfer their pensions away from safe schemes into SIPPs and thereafter “invest” in extremely high risk and unregulated investment products.

Many of the “investments” were sold to our clients on the basis that they would reap returns many times more than their existing pension arrangements. These representations were completely false. The sad reality is that these so-called “investments” were touted by advisors to innocent clients who lacked any financial knowledge, simply to generate enormous commissions for the advisor which were paid by the promoters of the investments.

The harsh reality is that the investment products recommended by the advisors had absolutely no chance of producing any meaningful returns and certainly should not have been included as the mainstay of a person’s pension.

Regrettably, we continue to see extremely bad cases of pension mis-selling on a daily basis.