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The mis-selling pension scandal in the UK could be described one of the worst financial scandals in the countries history. During the last several years, the amount of claims for mis-sold pension compensation in the UK alone has doubled.

The amount of people that have been a victim of the pension mis-selling scandal is huge and some people do not yet realise they are a vicitim of such a scam. The amounts of money are huge, and if you believe you’ve been mis-sold, it’s your right to reclaim upto £150,000.

To help explain this scandal we’ve put together a helpful guide using an infographic. This may help you understand if you could be a victim of a mis sold pension in UK.

Major companies who have participated in the mis-selling pension scandal:

  • The Lifetime SIPP
  • GPC SIPP (Guardian SIPP)
  • Guinness Mahon
  • Berkeley Burke
  • Stadia Trustees
  • Pilgrim SIPP
  • Brooklands SIPP
  • Pointon York
  • Montpelier SIPP
  • Avalon Investment Services Limited SIPP
  • CPPT Services (CTTP SIPP)

IMPORTANT: If you have “investments” in any of the above companies which are of an unregulated nature then compensation may be payable. Please contact us on 0800 014 8275 or request a call back for immediate advice.

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A few key facts about the mis-selling scandal:

The mis-selling scandal across the UK is estimated to be worth more than £10,000,000,000 (that’s 10 BILLION pounds). If you feel it’s possible that you are one of the thousands of victims, do no hesitate to contact our dedicated team here at Pension Justice. We are a leading UK mis-selling compensation specialist.

Over the years, so far tens of millions have been reclaimed in compensation for victims of the mis-sold pension scandal. However this barely scratches the surface of the amount of victims still out there and the amount of money still needing to be reclaimed for the victims.

The most common forms of pension mis-selling in the UK is through an individual transferring the pensions into a SSAS or SIPP which are often unregulated investments. A few examples of the most common investments in the UK are:

  • Storage pods
  • Cape Verde
  • The Resort Group
  • Ethical Forestry
  • Global Forestry
  • Parking Investment
  • Green Oil
  • Australian Farmland
  • Elysian Fuels
  • Many more….

These sorts of investments where often hard sold by some of the leading companies in the UK and you can check out the full list of these bad advisers by clicking here to view our bad advisers watchlist. Some of the major advisors are listed below:

  • 1 Stop Financial Services
  • Hennessy Jones
  • Asquith Hart Financial Management LLP
  • Alderley Asset Management Limited
  • Financial Page Limited
  • Choices Financial Services Limited
  • Moneywise Financial Advisors Limited
  • Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration Limited

IMPORTANT: If you’ve been mis-sold by any of the above advisors or invested into any of the above. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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    We here at Pension Justice have recently recovered ££62,678.92 for one of our clients who had been mis sold an investment into 7 storage pods by Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration. This is just one of the thousands of victims out there. You can read more on this recent successful claim by clicking the link below. If you feel you have also been a victim of mis-selling please do not hesitate to contact us.