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    It’s not your fault if you have fallen victim of pension mis-selling...

    Actually, around 33% of UK pensions have been mis-sold.

    Don't blame yourself - most victims have lost thousands saved over the course of their careers due to outright scams, unsuitable investment offers or bad advice.

    The co-called Sipp "mis-selling scandal" has been featured on the national news in the last few months.

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    We can help - let’s find out if you can get your money back

    We understand you might be worried that you have lost your money forever.

    The government introduced a special fund worth £120 million.

    Thousands of people in the UK could receive compensation for their financial loss.

    We can help you recover what what was wrongfully taken from you and put your retirement plans back on track.

    Our law firm specialises exclusively in obtaining compensation for pension mis-selling.

    Since July 2019, we’ve recovered £3,962,409.67 (Calculation based on compensation recovered between 01/07/2019 and 16/02/2022) for our clients.

    See some of our success stories:

    mrs elizabeth mc goldrick

    was awarded £50,000

    "Absolutely delighted with the outcome and can't thank you enough for all your help and hard work.

    Would not hesitate to give your details to someone in need. You have restored my faith in humanity."

    MR G. LOT

    Received the sum of £35,879

    "Pension Justice has acted in a very professional manner, using plain English which has made it easy to understand.

    The claim was also promptly dealt with and I am very happy with the service."


    "I cannot thank you Pension Justice enough. I was prepared for the worst and was just coming to terms that the money was lost and I had just got to move on in life.

    To Paul Higgins and Jeckie Bennett, many thanks for the hard work you both have done.

    Even after the fees have been taken out, I have got back almost what was put in."


    Received the sum of £50,000 in compensation

    "Thought it was a lost cause. Be forever grateful for your determination when others gave up."


    Was awarded £50,000

    "Service provided was good, was kept informed all along the way...Thank you."


    Was awarded £39,882.90

    "I was very pleased with the service and outcome of my claim. I would definitely recommend Pension Justice to somebody else."


    Received £50,000

    “I would advise anyone who feels that they have been given bad advice regarding their pension investments to contact Pension Justice to work on their behalf.

    From my initial enquiry, until the successful conclusion 8 months later, Pension Justice dealt with everything regarding my compensation claim, keeping me informed at every stage. I am very, very pleased with Pension Justice and the first rate service they provided.”


    Was mis-sold her pension and received £14,899

    "Pension Justice provided me with an excellent, quick and efficient sevice. They kept me informed on the progress of my claim and dealt with my claim in a professional and helpful way.

    I would highly recommend Pension Justice to anyone who has had a problem with regards to their pension.

    I was so pleased with the outcome and receiving compensation for my loss of pension."

    "At Pension Justice, we are proud to have helped so many people claim back the money that was wrongfully taken from them."

    -Paul Higgins, founder of Pension Justice

    , Contact form, Pension Justice

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    Our experts will understand your problem and you will receive specialist advice and assistance.

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    We will deal with all the paperwork and pursue the pension company on your behalf.

    Receive your compensation

    We will ensure you get as much compensation as possible in the shortest possible time.

    How do you know if you are due compensation?

    If you used any of these companies, you may be eligible for a mis-sold pension claim
    • Rowanmoor Personal Pensions Limited
    • Hartley Pensions Limited
    • Corporate & Professional Pensions Limited
    • Liberty SIPP
    • Brooklands SIPP
    • GPC SIPP Limited (Guardian)
    • Pointon York Limited
    • Guinness Mahon
    • Greyfriars SIPP
    • Total Wealth Solutions Limited
    • Luapkram Limited (Ashton Hoyle)
    • Precise Advice Partnership LLP
    • Build Your Wealth LTD
    • Cheris Wealth Managment
    • Douglas Baillie Limited
    • Cumulus Investment Managment Limited
    • Knightsbridge Financial Managment
    • CIB Life & Pensions Limited
    • 1 Stop Financial Services
    • Asquith Hart Financial Managment LLP
    • Financial Page Limited
    • Moneywise Financial Advisors Limited
    • Kingsland Financial Managment
    • Aspen Financial Planning
    • My IFA Friend
    • Kynaston-Carnoustie Financial Consultancy
    • Bank House Investment Managment LTD
    • Shah Wealth Managment
    • Henderson Carter Associates Limited
    • Baker Wainwright
    • Real SIPP
    • Blue Infinitas
    • Pengwern Wealth Managment
    • Hennessy Jones
    • Alderley Asset Managment Limited
    • Choices Financial Services
    • Berkeley Burke SIPP Administration Limited
    If any of the following occured, you may have mis-sold pension claim:

    Did you transfer a pension into a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension Plan)?

    Have you invested in non-standard assets, e.g. carbon credits, storage pods, green oil, car park schemes, overseas property, ethical forestry, etc?

    Were you in a company pension scheme but advised to take out a personal pension, when existing company schemes would have yielded better results?

    Did you feel pressured into taking out the new pension without having an opportunity to shop around for a potentially better deal?

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    Enter your details and Pension Justice will contact you to let you know if you have a claim

      Your data is secure. we don’t sell your details. Read our full policy here. Terms and conditions apply.

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