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Mis-Sold Pension Through Ethical Forestry

Ethical Forestry Investment

Ethical Forestry Ltd have gone into liquidation.

The Ethical Forestry scheme was invested in by at least 3000 UK investors, each putting in a minimum investment of £18,000, giving a total sum of over £50 million invested into the Ethical Forestry scheme.

If you are one of the many people who have invested in Ethical Forestry, now is the time to act. Pension Justice are claiming on behalf of a large number of clients who have been mis-sold their pensions through Ethical Forestry. If you feel you may have a claim, do not hesitate. Contact Pension Justice today.

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Can I Recover My Ethical Forestry Mis-Sold Pension Investment?

Pension Justice are currently proceeding on a large number of cases for our clients who have lost a significant amount of money through the Ethical Forestry scheme.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has said it will pay out over £50 million in compensation to those who have invested in the Costa-Rican scheme Ethical Forestry.

At least 3,000 UK investors are thought to have put a minimum of £18,000 each into Ethical Forestry, meaning it could have over £50 million invested in it.

Pension Justice are successfully claiming this money back for a large number of clients. If you are one of the investors hit by the Ethical Forestry scheme, we want to hear from you. Contact Pension Justice today on 0800 014 8275 or complete the form below and we will get back to you.

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Why did people invest in Ethical Forestry?

On the face of it, Ethical Forestry seemed like a no-brainer for investors looking to expand their pension pot. The appeal of large returns in a relatively short space of time, coupled with the environmentally friendly side of the scheme made it incredibly enticing.

600 Melina tree plots could be purchased for £18,000. The Melina tree is resilient when it comes to changes in climate, and can grow to harvesting level within just 12 years. Once those trees were harvested and sold, the potential returns to investors were given as over £100,000.

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How Do I Claim?

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold, you should contact Pension Justice today. As we are acting on behalf of a large number of clients like yourself, together we can get you the best possible outcome.

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