What is an FSAVC?

A Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contribution (FSAVC) is a scheme created by a private provider that enables an employee to ‘top up’ their retirement savings by contributing to a personal pension product alongside their occupational pension.

People who have taken out an FSAVC may have paid higher product costs and these costs may have negatively impacted their retirement fund. Some consumers may have also missed out on benefits commonly associated with in-house pensions. As a result, some consumers can be left with a pension pot worth far less than originally anticipated.

How do I know if I was mis-sold an FSAVC?

There are several signs that you may have been mis-sold an FSAVC. These can include:

  • You weren’t told that you could make additional voluntary contributions to your existing occupational scheme
  • You weren’t informed of the higher costs associated with your FSAVC
  • You weren’t given information outlining how your FSAVC funds would be invested
  • You weren’t warned that your FSAVC wouldn’t benefit from employer contributions
  • What should I do if I was mis-sold an FSAVC?

    If you can identify with any of the statements above and you feel that you were mis-sold an FSAVC, please get in touch with the team at Pension Justice.

    We know how devastating it can be to discover your pension savings aren’t worth as much as you’d hoped, which is why we’ll do everything within our power to fight for the compensation you deserve.

    How we can help

    We have a team of specialists with extensive legal experience and we’ll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you call us up until completion of your case.

    We firmly believe that legal support shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford to pay high legal costs, which is why we offer a No Win No Fee* service. This means you won’t pay a penny unless your case is successful. If you win your case, you’ll pay us a set fee which we will have outlined from the start.

    To learn more about Pension Justice or to make a claim, please get in touch with our team.

    *Fee payable if case is not pursued at the client’s request.