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Making a successful mis-sold pension claim is not always easy, but it is certainly possible in a variety of circumstances. When it comes to how to claim for a mis-sold pension, the process may turn out to be quite complex and/or lengthy, with the guidance of a trusted pension compensation service being vital.

It is important to understand exactly how to make a pension claim, since you could lose valuable time and money – as well as your chance to get compensation – should you fail to make a proper claim. Here at Pension Justice, we have a wealth of experience in guiding our clients through the process of making a pension claim, successfully representing clients around the UK with such claims.


What Sort of Issues Qualify for a Mis-sold Pension Claim?

There are a variety of possible pension claim scenarios. When it comes to the question of how to claim for a mis-sold pension, some of the issues which qualify for a possible compensation claim include:

  • Incorrect advice on transferring from a workplace pension scheme
  • Incorrect advice on transferring to a SIPP

We would always advise individuals in the UK to use reliable specialists when claiming compensation for mis-sold pensions. In terms of having your claim properly investigated and ensuring that you follow every avenue to identify where mis-sold pension compensation may apply, the guidance of an expert is key. Our experts at Pension Justice can guide clients on how to claim pension compensation.

Our specialists will utilise the legal and financial knowledge they have, as well as their experience in winning compensation settlements for cases similar to yours, to enable you to have the best chance of successfully claiming pension compensation.

Given their in-depth knowledge and experience with regards to the mis-selling of pensions schemes, and how best to get compensation, they’ll be able to guide you from initial consultation through to final settlement. At Pension Justice, we dedicate ourselves to getting compensation for those who have been wrongly and unfairly advised on a pension that they worked hard to secure.


How Do I Move Forward with a Mis-sold Pension Claim?

Our sole specialisation is with regards to pension compensation. We encourage all people in the UK who have had bad advice from pension advisors, whether individuals or financial institutions, to get in touch with us. So, if you have questions on the process of how to claim pension compensation, do not hesitate to contact us here at Pension Justice.

When it comes to the potentially complex process of making a compensation claim for pension mis-selling, we have a reliable strategy that is made as easy as possible for you as the client. To know if you are eligible for a claim, contact our expert team for an initial consultation. We will have one of our pension compensation specialists get in touch, answer your questions and explore in more detail where a pension adviser may have given you the wrong advice and where you may be entitled to compensation.

Pension Justice, through our team of specialists, will handle all of the relevant legal and financial considerations, with the aim of securing you substantial compensation. This ensures that we offer you peace of mind, as we handle your claim, that you have the best possible chance of compensation. We always take our clients through a smooth, straightforward and hassle-free mis-sold pension claim process.

You won’t be issued with complex and confusing paperwork at Pension Justice. Our experts will deal with the required documentation for you, keeping you informed throughout the process in a clear and understandable way, giving you the full benefit of our experience and expertise as we move forward with how to claim pension compensation for your specific case.


How Do I Get in Touch with a Pension Compensation Expert?

Pension Justice offers one of the industry’s leading services when it comes to the process of pursuing pension compensation. The entire process for how to claim pension compensation is tailored to each clients’ needs. Not only will we guide you through the claim process, we also offer our claims on a No Win No Fee basis. This offers you expert representation on terms that protect your financial interests

At Pension Justice, we’ll help you get to know exactly how to make a pension claim and, via an initial consultation, help you determine whether you have a claim worth pursuing. Call us today on 0800 014 8275, email us through our website, or request a callback, and our friendly experts will respond swiftly.

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